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Boys having a pillow fight on a bed
15 Sep 21


It looks very much like the Melbourne lockdown will continue into the September school holidays so First National Real Estate Neilson Partners have put together a list of activities to keep the kids busy and the Mum’s sane.

While the holidays will provide a welcome relief with a much-needed break from home-schooling, the question still looms ‘how can I keep the kids entertained during a stage 4 lockdown’.

Below are 20 COVID permitted activities that should keep the kids, young and old, active and entertained.

Fly a kite

All you need is a kite and a breeze and you’re away. Don’t have a kite, search your local toy stores online and you’re sure to find one, plus you’ll be supporting local businesses too.

Look for four-leaf clovers

Clover is everywhere in spring and most likely just outside your front or back door. Offer a prize to anyone lucky enough to find one.

Go tadpoling

If you’re lucky enough to have a lake or pond within a 5km radius of your home grab a bucket and go searching for tadpoles. Bring them home and watch them turn into frogs.

Build a treehouse

A treehouse will provide hours of entertainment from construction through to enjoying the finished product.

Feed the ducks

Again, if you’re lucky enough to live near a lake or pond take some bread on your daily walk and feed the ducks.

Blow bubbles

Make your own bubble solution dish liquid and water. Use a range of household items such as plastic cups, plastic bottles, pipe cleaners and plastic funnels for the wand.

Draw pictures in chalk

Arm the kids with some sidewalk chalk and see who the next Picasso is. Award a prize for the best drawing.

Skip stones

Teach the kids how to skip flat stones across the water. Have a competition to see who can skip them the farthest.

Go for a bike ride

Join the hordes of bike enthusiasts out there and take the kids on a bike ride, or encourage your teenagers to get outside and explore.

Campout in the backyard

COVID is keeping us at home during the holidays so pull out the camping gear anyway and camp in the backyard. If you have an outdoor fireplace, toast some marshmallows.


Have a home spa day

Cut some cucumbers for your eyes and light a scented candle for the atmosphere and give each other a facial, manicure, and pedicure or massage.

Bring spring inside

Plant an inside herb garden. Seeds or seedlings are readily accessible at your local supermarket or greengrocer or take a clipping from the garden. Plant in pots and place in a sunny position.

Make a birdfeeder

Make a simple bird feeder out of items that are found around the home such as plastic bottles, wood offcuts even Lego. You’ll then get to watch the birds that come to feed.

Make up a story together and have the kids illustrate it

Write a story with the kids and get them to draw the pictures on each page. It’ll be a great one to show them when they’re older.

Play board games

Another family favourite, COVID has seen a board game comeback. Crack out the Monopoly, do some trivia or play some cards.

Set up an obstacle course

Get creative and set up an obstacle course in the backyard. Use broomsticks, tubs of water and make tunnels to crawl through. See who can do it in the quickest time.

Paint a mural with washable paint

Grab some washable poster paints and send the kids outside to paint a mural on the side of the shed or the fence. Washing it off is an activity for another day.

Have a pyjama party

Stay in your PJ’s for the day, get cosy in front of the TV, and have a pyjama party complete with movies, popcorn, and pillow fights.

Build a fort

Gather up all of your blankets, sheets and pillows and build a fort inside.

Have a tea party

Have a tea party in the garden. Bake some cookies, set a table, and pour some tea or homemade lemonade. No guests are allowed though invite the Grandparents via facetime and have tea with them.

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