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Commercial Property Manager
29 Mar 19


There are a few aspects to consider when asking yourself if you need a Commercial Property Manager.

Locality – if you are within easy commuter distance, you may be comfortable with regular visits to your investment property. However, if distance is a factor, then a property manager can handle regular inspections on your behalf and provide a full report with photos, and any recommended maintenance matters, together with any potential breaches of the building code or lease conditions by the tenant.

Time constraints – a full time job, hectic lifestyle or simply that you are retired and wish to spend your time on travel or future investment opportunities and not on property management. This can be particularly relevant if you are a multiple property owner. A property manager will maintain contact with your tenant, monitor rental and outgoings payments and attend to maintenance matters – both preemptively, as well as responding to breakdowns, etc. The property manager will have a panel of experienced and trusted tradesmen covering day-to-day repairs and more detailed expertise such as elevators, fire regulations and airconditioning.

Expertise – dealing with all aspects of property management including legislation, planning, investment profiles, essential safety measures, understanding and applying the terms and conditions of a lease, can be the most daunting and difficult components of commercial property ownership. An experienced property manager can act on your behalf in the daily tasks and communications required for effective ownership and they provide a one stop shop for most aspects of property management matters or have contacts with professionals in a vast range of services. As always, financial and legal advice is subject to independent direction by the investor client.

Consider the cost in time and convenience and then seek out a property manager and agency with extensive experience in the area of your property and who have a strong respected long-term reputation. First National Neilson Partners are celebrating over 100 years of local knowledge and commitment, and we invite you to contact the team to discuss the benefits to you, as your new property managers.

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