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17 Dec 19


Commercial real estate is covered by different levels of legislation and accountabilities – both from the Landlord’s and Tenant’s perspectives. This can entail the method, frequency and percentage of rental reviews, as to who pays rates, insurances, maintenance, etc, what is permitted within a property (type of business and tenant installations).

An experienced, skilled and professional Sales/Leasing Consultant or Commercial Property Manager can walk you through these aspects and help to demystify the process.


In summary:

Generally, the return on investment is higher with commercial properties, although the risks can be higher unless wise purchasing decisions are made.

Potential for extended vacancy rates may be offset by longer termed leases – generally from 2-4 years or more.

Commercial property investments can be driven through pre-determined annual rental reviews – CPI (1-2%), stepped (3-5%) or market reviews (depending on current rental trends for comparable properties).

Outgoings – rates, insurances, owner corporate fees – are usually paid by the tenant.


If you have never considered commercial property investments or don’t know where to start or who to ask, contact Serdar Ozcetin or Todd McKenna on 03 9705 4888, who would welcome the chance to explain the opportunities available to you.

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