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15 Jun 20

Establishing The Likely Income Potential of Your Home

When assessing your investment property, we at First National Real Estate Neilson Partners will consider many factors, including current and previous market trends, comparative data, property inclusions, presentation, size, location, enquiry levels, infrastructure and much more.

As your Property Manager our aim is to utilse our skill to increase the worth of your investment property. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for Landlord's to feel, or suspect, that real estate agents inflate their estimates. It’s true, in some cases they do. It’s partly human nature to want to show enthusiasm, and a generous estimate is one way of demonstrating how keen the real estate agents are for your business.

Some real estate agents see it as a form of flattery but First National Real Estate Neilson Partners believe that there are more appropriate ways in which we can demonstrate our enthusiasm so we avoid this practice. Our goal is to provide our clients with a realistic and honest range between conservative and optimistic, with due consideration for all the factors that may come into play.

If you would like a free assessment of your investment properties likely income potential, please CONTACT our office.

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