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15 Jun 21

Why Is Professional Photography Important For Your Investment Property?

There has been a real shift in the way Australian properties are presented for sale online and when it comes to renting there is absolutely no reason why this should not also be the case. 

Property photographs are polished, sharp and appealing and every owner of a rental property should be following in the footsteps of vendors and investing in professional photography. 

For a minimum cost, the benefits are many. 


Promote your property in its best light 

Professional photography ensures that a listing looks sleek and presents well and can instantly be the difference between a listing that flies off the market or sits for weeks without a tenant. 

Professional photos will draw more attention to the property than those taken with a mobile phone or iPad or on a handheld camera, all of which tend to suffer from insufficient lighting, poor quality and bad angles. 

You want your investment to look polished and at it’s very best in order to appeal to that perfect tenant. 


Use on a number of advertising platforms 

Having professional photographs taken of an investment property allows for exposure on many advertising platforms. 

Online internet listings, social media, and tenant email alerts are just some of the ways in which Neilson Partners Property Management use photography to market a property, making the need for smart, quality photographs essential in attracting the right tenant for a property. 

Other forms of advertising where professional photographs can be utilised is through various forms of print media including magazines and property guides, stock lists, brochures, window displays and for lease boards. 

Professional property images can also be used to create video footage for digital advertising campaigns. 


Don’t lose rental income with a property that won’t rent 

Using professional images in a rental listing can ensure that a property does not remain vacant for a period of time, as properties with professional photographs tend to rent quicker than those without. 

A rental provider may also get a better return on their investment with professional photographs bringing in higher rent than those without. 

Another added bonus is that professional photos are timely and can be re-used when the property is re-leased. They are also tax deductible for the rental provider; two cost-effective reasons that will appeal to every savvy property investor. 


First impressions count 

First impressions do count, and it doesn’t matter if your property is the worst in the street or the best in the street; quality photographs will jump right out and attract potential tenants and make them want to click through and explore a property listing, it could in also be the difference between someone opening a web link or bypassing it to view the next property.  

Greater listing enquiry and more inspection attendees will be generated plus professional photographs are also likely to attract a better-quality tenant, avoiding those who are likely to treat the property with disrespect. Pre-lease condition will also be evident and can be referred to at the end of a lease. 

So the next time your investment property is up for lease, don’t overlook professional photography. It will ensure minimal loss of rent due to long vacancy’s, a maximum return on your investment, increase tenant enquiry and inspections, attract quality tenant’s and they can be re-used the next time you re-lease. 

It really is a no brainer! 

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