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25 May 20


The Victorian Government has extended the deadlines for registering pools and spas with local councils. The laws apply to pools and spas that can hold more than 300mm (30cm) of water.

Owners must register their swimming pool or spa with their local Council before 1st November 2020. This includes pools or spas with a building permit and those at a rental premesis that you own.

It has been found that many drownings of young children in backyard pools or spas could have been prevented with compliant barriers, therefore once your swimming pool or spa has been registered, an inspection of the safety barrier around your pool or spa is required to ensure the barrier is compliant with the barrier standard. Inspections must be carried out by:

  • a registered building surveyor
  • a registered building inspector
  • a municipal building surveyor

and must be conducted every 4 years.

To learn more or to register your pool or spa contact your local council.

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